Saturday, November 22, 2008

Geneva Gayle

Sometimes God puts somebody in your path that makes an impact on you that will last a lifetime. God did that to me about 7 years ago. I was fairly new to our town and had just been hired at an elementary school as a librarian. I met Geneva, and we instantly hit it off (she had cool hair, too!)We both had so much in common, it was unbelievable. We were both PK's, were raised very similarly, both went to Christian colleges and the list goes on. We looked quite a bit alike (more than I look like my own sister), talked a lot alike and the kids at school would often get us confused. Sometimes kids couldn't figure out which one we were, so we were often called "Mrs. McJohnson". As the years went by, we developed the friendship of a lifetime. We shared every little secret, opinion and thought that popped in our heads. She got her Master's degree and became an elementary librarian. We presented at workshops together, wrote grants together, and shared a love of music, singing and God together.

A week ago, on Saturday, November 15th God decided it was time for Geneva to go home. Geneva passed away in her home after battling a very aggressive cancer for the past two years. She handled her battle gracefully and her faith never waivered. Today was her life celebration service and it was verified to me again and again that the way she lived her life was a testimony to God. Thank you God for putting G in my life. Thank you for allowing such a beautiful soul to be on this earth. Save a mansion next door to her for me!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


OK--my friend & haircut girl, Jesse, has been harrassing me about writing on my blog. I don't think I'm a very exciting chick, but she seems to think so, so here goes.

I just got back from a mission trip in Colorado with our youth group. My two older kiddos went and, of course, I was the totally uncool, don't-tell-anybody-we're-related mom there! I had a good time, though. We put on a sports camp for all the local kids there. We averaged about 95 (not bad for a town of 8,000). It is so awesomely cool to be able to wake up every morning and see the mountains out your window. To me, it just confirms that God is so powerful and beautiful and so incredibly creative! On our drive back my friend, Anissa and I were talking about that and how we feel very lucky to have such an awesome God to worship!!! Yea God!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My First Post

This is my very first post ever! I am very excited that I am learning how to blog at the Eighth Floor. I hope to use this in my teaching and my personal life.

Thanks for visiting my blog! Please feel free to comment!